Although General Motors' products have greatly improved over the last few years, the next-generation of vehicles from GM promises to be better still. The all-new Saturn Aura was supposed to lead the way in 2009, but a new report finds the rebadged Opel Insignia project has been put on hold.

According to GMInsideNews, GM has already informed the Aur's Fairfax assembly plant that the launch of the new sedan will be delayed. Exact details on why the program was put on hold are largely unknown, but sources have indicated that poor fuel-economy was a leading cause.

The news of the delay is also surprising because the Aur's sister vehicle, the Insignia, is slated to debut next month with European sales beginning shortly after.

Whatever the case, the news of the delay isn't all bad news. The current Aura hasn't been selling as briskly as expected, so it's important for GM to make sure it gets the next-generation Aura right.

The Aura was originally slated to hit the market in fall 2009 as a 2010 model, but it remains unclear when the new sedan will actually launch.