New reports suggest that Subaru may be forced to abandon its attempt at fitting an all-wheel drive system into the automaker's FT-86 variant. Subaru has been mostly quiet in regards to the progress of its next sports coupe, but the latest report suggests that costs have taken all-wheel drive out of the equation.

There is no doubting that all-wheel drive is one of, if not the biggest selling point that has long been a trademark quality of Subaru. For years the automaker has stood by the drivetrain setup because it preached about the added safety and performance of all-wheel drive. Although the company's latest slogan may be, "Love. It's what makes a Subaru, a Subaru," many enthusiasts believe that it is all-wheel drive that makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

But now, several months into the development of a high-dollar shared platform sports car with Toyota, Subaru may be forced to compromise on its long-standing use of all-wheel drive on one of the most unlikely of vehicles - a two-door sports coupe. This suggestion comes from a report by 7Tune via Best Car. The report suggests that inside sources are citing spiraling development costs that have forced Subaru to accept that modifying the FT-86 platform to accept an all-wheel drive system will just not be practical.

Should Subaru be forced to retain the same rear-wheel drive drivetrain at the Toyota variation of the vehicle, Subaru will be left with vary little to give their 216A - the codename for their variation - anything unique to set it apart from the Toyota FT-86. As it is, both the Toyota and Subaru variants are suggested to be powered by the same 200 horsepower 2.0-liter Subaru boxer engine.

For now, the same sources that indicated the end of all-wheel drive for Subaru are suggesting that the automaker will instead turn to a thorough re-working of the vehicle's exterior design, in an attempt to make it as close to indistinguishable from the Toyota variant as possible. The image, provided by 7Tune, suggests one possible design for the sports coupe.


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