While doing a live report in Santa Monica, California, KTLA's own Gayle Anderson racked up 10 parking tickets...despite paying for the parking spots in advance.

Reporter Gayle Anderson, KTLA news, was attempting to cover a list of the coolest cars under $18,000 ( Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Elantra Touring and Mitsubishi Lancer shown) , as well as the best cars for family roads trips, as suggested by KBB, when Sanata Monica's finest decided to begin ticketing her for each and every vehicle parked there.

The news crew had lined up the 10 cars in a nearly empty lot as they wiped them down for and talked about the cars for their live report, and as Anderson explained, they had paid in advance for all of their parking spots. Despite that fact, the officer continued - undeterred - writing tickets for each vehicle while clearly standing in the background of the live interview.

I found this to be a bit unbelievable myself, as I personally had to use three parking spots during a (ironically enough) Ford Fiesta HDR photoshoot in San Diego in front of the U.S.S. Nimitz. I parked two Ford Fiestas diagonally across three parking spots, but paid the fees for all three parking meters. When the parking enforcement arrived, I asked if that was fine, and they very politely said I can do whatever I want with the spots as long as I pay for the time - fancy that.

Maybe Santa Monica should consider some public relations training, then maybe they too can work towards achieving the distinction of being "America's finest city."