Power for the JL-generation's 2.0-liter turbo four is now listed as "not rated," suggesting the initial estimate may have been a typo.

The next-generation Jeep Wrangler's turbocharged four-cylinder engine may not offer V8-level power, as previously indicated by a government filing.The bombshell dropped last week when an official Fiat Chrysler Automobiles regulatory filing showed an output rating of 368 horsepower for the JL-generation's turbocharged four. The number sparked heated debate over the possibility that Jeep will offer the iconic off-roader with an engine that rivals the AMG CLA 45.

A follow-up investigation by The Truth About Cars found a revised filing that now lists "not rated" for the upcoming engine, suggesting the original figure may have been a simple paperwork error.

Further dousing the flames, an unnamed source tells Road & Track the incredible figure is "dead wrong."

The downsized engine is nonetheless expected to rival the current Pentastar V6 in terms of power. Previous rumors point to around 300 horsepower, still impressive in its own right.

Full details could be disclosed at the new Wrangler's formal introduction next month in Los Angeles.