Reality start Rob Dyrdek has completed a kick flip in Chevy's 2012 Sonic.

Rob Dyrdek, star of MTV's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, has successfully kick flipped a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. Although Dyrdek is best-known for kick flipping skateboards, the reality TV star completed the stunt as part of Chevrolet's "?Let's Do This' marketing campaign.

"A kick flip with a Chevy Sonic was a no-brainer," said Dyrdek.?' "I am a Chevy guy from my '69 Camaro to the Tahoe I drive every day. The Sonic's power and sportiness made it the perfect vehicle for this awesome stunt."

Dyrdek completed the 360-degree flip on Saturday at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The stunt will be detailed during the Season 5 premiere of Fantasy Factory. To add a little more flare to the stunt, the jump was done over the world's largest skateboard.

Although Dyrdek landed the Sonic shiny side up, Chevrolet is quick to point out that the Ohio-native would have been safe no matter the outcome thanks to the Sonic's Top Safety Pick designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. "I was confident that it would keep Rob safe even during a high-speed action stunt," said Kevin Mayer, director of Chevrolet advertising and sales promotion.?'