The coupe will boast a 600hp V12 along with a 440-pound lighter curb weight than the Ghost sedan.

A new report out of England suggests that Rolls-Royce is hard at work developing what will be the fastest model ever to leave its factory.

The car will be a coupe version of the automaker's Ghost sedan with significantly more power and less weight than its four-door sibling, according to AutoCar. It is expected to debut at next year's Geneva show before entering into production that summer.

Dimensionally speaking, the coupe will be nearly eight inches shorter and roughly 2.5 inches lower than the Ghost. It is expected to burden the pavement with 440 fewer pounds of curb weight than the four-door.

Residing under the coupe's long hood will be an uprated version of the Ghost's BMW-derived 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 producing around 600 horsepower (up from 531 ponies in the sedan). A stiffened suspension, upsized brakes and tires and a lowered ride height will compliment the power bump.

Despite the performance elements, engineers are reportedly working to preserve an air of elegance and refinement befitting the fabled luxury brand.

No final decision has been made on the coupe's moniker, although it is believed it will be a name rather than an alphanumeric designation.