Saab will celebrate the one year anniversary of its "independence" from General Motors by holding a party at its headquarters and museum.

Saab's Swedish operations will be temporarily halted on February 23 in order to honor the first anniversary of the automaker's independence from former owner General Motors.

Saab says that it will hold a series of events at its headquarters and an open house at its adjacent museum. The celebration, which will include live music, awards, product displays, presentations and 300 cakes is expected to spread into the automaker's hometown of Trollhattan, Sweden, later in the day. Saab says that local bars and restaurants will get into the celebratory mood - hardly a surprise given that Spyker's purchase of the brand saved the small industrial town from collapsing.

The independence day will be celebrated on the one year anniversary of Spyker chief Victor Muller's purchase of the brand from GM. Last year, Muller and Saab President & CEO Jan ...ke Jonsson promised to celebrate the anniversary of the automaker's independence every year on February 23.

Saab says that it hopes its global distribution network will also be in the partying mood, so it will stream live footage of the celebration for its dealers all over the world.