For one family in Texas, Santa is bringing more than presents this Christmas - he brought the gift of a second chance.

A nasty front-end collision recently left a man stunned and in serious peril as his vehicle began to burst into flames - but that's when "Santa" came to the rescue.

After Michael Walker's vehicle had sustained some fairly heavy front-end damage that sparked an engine fire, Walker remain stunned and incapacitated in his vehicle, that is, until a man dressed as Santa Claus came up running to his window, asking if he was OK and then extracting him from the burning vehicle. Local Texas news station WFAA managed to get a hold of some photos of the scene, but more amazingly, of the touching back-story behind the whole event.

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The details beyond those of the accident scene itself are likely more ironic and touching than of the rescue itself. For starters, the man dressed as Santa that came to Walker's rescue, Brad Luddeke, was actually on his way to and from delivering gifts to needy families. But if the good Samaritan's righteous actions that day did't move you, maybe hearing about the tragic connection between Luddeke and the man he rescued will.

Luddeke happened to know the man in the burning car, Walker, because that man's daughter was once close friends with Luddeke's own son. Tragically, Luddeke's son was killed in an auto accident some seven years ago. The two realized their connection after the fact, and along with Walker's daughter, discussed the whole situation and recounted the tragic event that took Luddeke's son Jordan away seven years ago.

When asked if Brad thought his son might have had a hand in his being there to help out that day, he answered, "It was unbelievable. It was unreal. I think my son had a hand in it," said Luddeke.


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