One of the smallest cars on the market has been recalled.

Toyota's Scion division is calling back 11,200 2012 and 2013 iQ minicars to rectify a faulty passenger weight sensor that tells the front airbags if they should deploy in the event of an accident.

The weight sensor cables on the affected iQs are susceptible to being crushed by the front seat track when the passenger's bucket seat is moved forward and backward. Because of the iQ's unique 3+1 seating arrangement - which staggers the front seats to provide extra occupant space behind the front passenger's seat when needed - the seat rail is likely to get a good amount of use.

Scion says that the repair includes the inspection of the existing wiring and the installation of a protective cover over the sensors.

The automaker plans to alert iQ owners of the issue next month and it estimates that the repair will take about an hour to perform at its authorized dealers. The recall will be performed at no charge.

The iQ is essentially identical to a Toyota-badged model of the same name sold elsewhere, but the automaker says that only the Scion variant is being recalled.

Photos by Mark Elias.