The yet-unnamed SUV will hit showrooms across Europe in 2015.

Confirming a long-standing rumor, the head of Volkswagen's SEAT division has announced that the company is working on its very first SUV.

The yet-unnamed SUV will debut as a concept in about two years and it will be similar in size to the Volkswagen Tiguan. It will borrow styling cues from the IBX concept that SEAT presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and will closely follow the brand's latest design language. Unlike the IBX concept, the production version of the SUV will have four doors.

The SUV will be powered by the usual assortment of Volkswagen-sourced gasoline- and diesel-burning four-cylinder engines. Both two- and four-wheel drive variants will be offered.

SEAT boss James Muir told England's Autocar that he hopes to sell about 100,000 examples of the SUV a year, a figure which will help parent company Volkswagen achieve its goal of being the number one automaker in the world by 2018.

After greeting the public as thinly-veiled concept in 2014, SEAT's first SUV will hit showrooms across Europe a year later. The company is trying to expand its operations in China so the yet-unnamed off-roader will likely be exported there shortly after its launch.

Muir hopes that the SUV will be joined by a SEAT-badged version of the compact Volkswagen Taigun that bowed at the Sao Paulo Motor Show a couple of weeks ago. Such a model has yet to be approved by Volkswagen, however.