A 23-0 victory for the Seahwaks proved to be a big deal for one Seattle-area dealership.

General Motors' Chevrolet brand will have 12 extra sales this month thanks to an improbable ending to a Seattle-area dealership promotion.

Located just 25 miles north of Seattle in Federal Way, Washington, Jet Chevrolet devised a promotional event to tie-in with the home-town Seattle Seahawks - if the Seahawks shutout their next opponent, the dealership would give out $35,000 each to 12 lucky winners.

Jet Chevrolet was hoping to have the promotion up and running by the Seahawks' divisional tilt with the San Francisco 49ers, but legal issues pushed the event back by one week. Seven days after losing 19-17 to the 49ers, the Seahawks shutout the hapless New York Giants 23-0, solidifying the $420,000 payout.

The win was the Seahawks' first shutout victory in over a year.

"This is crazy," Jim Johnson, one of the owners of the dealership told ESPN. "We never expected that we'd actually be giving away the money."

Luckily for Jet Chevrolet, it didn't actually have to dole out the entire $420,000 cash prize. The dealership took out insurance for the promotion, which set the business back just $7,000.

Customers that purchased a vehicle from Jet Chevrolet between Wednesday and Saturday were automatically entered into the contest, but no purchase was required for entry. However, purchasing a car boosted your odds of winning as car buyers were given 100 entries while those that didn't sign the dotted line were limited to one entry.

According to Jet, there were 32 people entered in the drawing - 20 that purchased cars and 12 that signed up without buying.

The winners were drawn at random on Monday.