Equipped with Cruise Automation hardware, the Bolt completed the demo run in San Francisco with no human intervention.

General Motors has released a series of videos showing its autonomous Chevrolet Bolts in action.The latest segment includes accelerated dashcam footage from a Bolt as it cruises around San Francisco at night. Notably, the vehicle operates for nearly an hour and a half without requiring a single human intervention.

Nothing particularly surprising happens during the demonstration drive, though the video does confirm that GM's system has been programmed to avoid collisions with raccoons.

The Bolt fleet is equipped with a sensor suite developed by Cruise Automation. The startup had been developing a $10,000 sensor bar to convert traditional cars into autonomous vehicles, though it has presumably switched its focus to deeper integration since the company was acquired by GM early last year.

The automaker is preparing to significantly scale up Cruise Automation's research-and-development operations, with plans to hire 1,100 workers at its San Francisco headquarters.