Honda brings 2013 Accord sedan and coupe to SEMA sporting some HFP parts.

Not one to be left out of the scene that it arguably started, Honda brought its own modified vehicles to the currently ongoing SEMA aftermarket accessory show. Other than the supercharged CR-Z, the Japanese automaker also displayed its latest 2013 Accord in both coupe and sedan form, both customized with parts that include Honda's own Honda Factory Performance (HFP) pieces.

The Accord coupe is the more serious of the two, with the build handled by Bisimoto Engineering, who also built a 600hp Elantra GT for the show. Here, the connection is more genuine, as the man behind the tuner, Bisi Ezerioha, cut his teeth in the sport of drag racing in various Honda-bodied and -powered sport compacts.

For the Accord Grand Touring, the V6 engine now makes a claimed 401-horsepower (up from 278) thanks largely to a Nitrous Express wet shot system that's also being called a chemical supercharger system. There is also a Bisimoto-designed cat-back exhaust capped off with Burns stainless steel mufflers.

The car looks the part thanks to a Gatorwrap laminate covering its body, that is itself accented thanks to Honda Factory Performance front and rear fascias as well as side skirts. There is also a Carbon Creations GT Concept 2 wing sitting atop the trunk. The wheels of choice are 19x9.5-inch Buddy Club P1 Racing II Plus units, enveloped by Falken Azenis FK453 tires sized at 245/40-19. Lowering is courtesy of Progress springs, and the sway bar from the same company replaces the stocker. Buddy Club Racing Spec rotors and calipers peek out from behind the wheels. Bisimoto reservoir shocks and G&J braided brake lines are the finishing touches.

Inside, a JNF chromoly roll cage was installed and then wrapped in leather hand stitched at Bisimotowerks, who also supplied the GT3 racing seats.

The sedan was created by DSO Eyewear/MAD Industries and features largely cosmetic changes. Based on a 2013 Accord EX sedan, the car's standard White Orchid Pearl paintjob is accented by a 3M Scotchprint Matte Blue Metallic wrap.

The handsome sedan otherwise rides 1 inch and 1.5 inches lower, front and rear, respectively, thanks to Eibach's Pro-Kit spring kit. The 20-inch TSW Mallory wheels get 255/35-20 Falken Tire Azenis FK 453 tires, while the brakes behind it are stock but dressed up with an MGP caliper cover in satin black.

The interior was thoroughly upgraded with Katzkin leather, including seats with custom inserts, while 3M Wraps tie in the exterior color scheme. An audio system upgrade consists of Lightning Audio amplifiers, including a four-channel to drive LA-1654 speakers with 800 Watts, while an LA-400 mono amp powers the twin 10-inch LA-S410 subwoofers.

Under the hood, the standard 2.4-liter inline-four is complemented only with a K&N air filter while the exhaust was swapped out for a dual one from a 2013 Accord Sport.