Shelby is planning two big reveals for Detroit, including a new turbocharged model.

Shelby American, the tuning company founded by the late Carroll Shelby, will display two new vehicles at the North American International Auto Show. The Detroit show will be one of the first major auto shows attended by Shelby American since the passing of Shelby last May.

Gary Patterson, Shelby American vice president of operations, confirmed via the company's Web site that one of those two vehicles destined for the Detroit show will be a wide body version of the 2013 Super Snake. Patterson says the wide body design, which will also be available as a retrofit kit for 2005-2009 Mustangs, will allow for rear tires as wide as 355.

Patterson was a little more guarded about Shelby's second Detroit-bound creation, but quoted the late Shelby as a hint for the company's plans.

"I think you're going to see the industry going completely to small engines with turbochargers. That's the only way you can get the mileage that the government is going to be demanding."

Although that doesn't leave us with any solid details, it remains entirely possible that Shelby is developing an aftermarket Mustang model with one of Ford's EcoBoost turbocharged engines. A four-cylinder turbo would rekindle thoughts of the Mustang SVO, but Ford's EcoBoosted 3.5L V6 seems like a better option for a performance Mustang.

Of course Shelby could changes gears altogether and decided to massage a vehicle that is already turbocharged from the factory, like the new Focus ST.

While we don't have many answers at this point, we won't have to wait long - the Detroit show kicks off on January 14.

Image by Mark Elias.