Florida dealerships monopolize parking opened for Irma evacuees

by Byron Hurd
Florida dealerships monopolize parking opened for Irma evacuees

Dealers draw ire from residents as they protect inventory from floodwaters.

Several Florida car dealerships are under fire for parking their inventories in structures opened up to residents of flood-prone areas ahead of Hurricane Irma's weekend landfall.

Several instances of this have been documented by social media, Jalopnik reports, with two of the most prominent occurring in Hollywood and Tallahassee.

In the Hollywood incident, the Miami Herald reported that residents arrived Friday expecting to find parking at one of three facilities made free to the public, only to find the spaces occupied by cars boasting nothing but window stickers.

The city of Hollywood ticketed the cars, citing local laws that make it illegal to use public property for private gain. The city also used a large number of boots to secure the vehicles in place while it seeks to ascertain the identity of the guilty dealership, who may face yet more legal and financial ramifications for its brazen occupation of community space.

In Tallahassee, the incident impacted garages used by Florida State University students. In this case, the offending dealer was identified by the Flambeau as Napleton Infiniti. The dealer was ordered to remove them, despite insisting that it had received advanced permission to use the spaces.

It does not appear, at least in this case, that any laws (or University rules) were explicitly violated and FSU says the issue has been resolved.

Photo: NOAA Environmental Visualization Lab