Local executives were indicted for their roles in cheating scandal.

Prosecutors in South Korea have formally indicted seven current and former executives from Volkswagen's local operation for violations of the country's emissions laws.

Current Managing Director of Audi Volkswagen Korea Johannes Thammer was among those indicted, as were former executives Trevor Hill and Park Dong-hoon, Reuters reports.

Volkswagen's diesel cheating scandal prompted the South Korean government to audit emissions certifications for essentially all vehicles sold inside its borders.

When the investigation began, Volkswagen voluntarily halted diesel sales in South Korea; that was later reinforced with a state-sanctioned ban on the sale of most of its models.

The ongoing investigation also uncovered problems in other manufacturers' certifications. Vehicles from BMW, Nissan and Porsche were recently banned due to various issues with their certification paperwork.

Volkswagen was also later fined for what South Korean officials saw as deceptive advertising of its diesel models.