Southern California Edison wants to spend big bucks to increase EV usage.

Southern California Edison has announced a new plan intended to spur the wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles.

Filed this week with the California Public Utilities Commission, the plan builds on SCE's Charge Ready pilot program, which placed EV charging stations in various parking lots around Southern California. The latest initiative is much more comprehensive, including plans for residential charging stations, as well as infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles, port electrification projects and incentives to increase EV ownership.

In order to make EV ownership more financial viable, the plan would offer rebates for residential charging station installation. In some instances, customers could receive a charging station free of charge. Additionally, SCE would extend cheaper rates during off-hours to EV owners.

The Port of Long Beach is a major distribution hub, and SCE is hoping to address the pollution caused by the port with its latest plan. Under the proposal SCE would offer rebates for charging stations that would service medium- and heavy-duty vehicles like plug-in buses and forklifts. The plan also outlines infrastructure that would support the switch from diesel-powered to electrically-powered equipment used to unload and move freight. SCE is optimistic that its plan could be the first step toward a zero-emissions freight movement program.

Similar to its port program, the plan also calls for greater support of electric transit buses. Under the proposal SCE would offer rebates toward the purchase of charging infrastructure for a one-year period. SCE says its plan would speed the adoption of electric transit buses.

In addition to the residential part of its proposal, SCE also wants to install five DC fast-charge sites in urban areas around Southern California. Those fast-charging stations would be located in urban areas like downtown or high-density apartments, and offer a total of 50 DCFC ports.

Finally, SCE is proposing monetary rewards for rideshare/taxi drivers that use electric vehicles and complete a certain number of fares within a specified time period. SCE says that aspect of the proposal would promote "the use of EVs in rideshare services, increases EV miles traveled and introduces more passengers to the experience of riding in an EV."

Despite its promise to cut pollution, the plan still has some major hurdles to clear, chief among them being funding; SCE says it needs $570 million in taxpayer money to get the plan up and running.