SpaceX shows off BFR's gigantic body mold - image 1

SpaceX shows off BFR's gigantic body mold

by Justin King

The company is moving forward with production plans in Long Beach, California.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk has posted an image of tooling used to create the company's 'BFR' rocket.

Shown towering over a Tesla Model 3 for scale, the tool appears to be a mold to help shape a carbon-fiber body tube for the massive interplanetary spaceship. The ship measures nine meters in diameter, 48 meters long and has a dry mass of 85 tons.

The company is currently building its BFR assembly site in Long Beach, California, providing adjacent access to shipping ports that will be necessary to transport the large rocket pieces to various launch sites.

When complete, the rocket will be capable of sending 150 tons into low-Earth orbit and then landing to fly another day. Longer trips or heavier loads will presumably be supported via partially- or non-reusable flight.

The company has an ambitious target of sending the BFR to Mars by 2022.

SpaceX main body tool for the BFR interplanetary spaceship

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