The big daddy of Corvettes was spotted in the wild.

Spies captured the 2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 testing in the field Monday, giving us an early look at the prototype as GM preps its range-topper for production. The mule is very obviously cobbled together, but what we're looking at appears--fundamentally at least--to be a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with the wick turned up.

The holes punched in the vinyl camouflage on the mule's front fenders are clear indications that Z06-style side ventilation will carry over to the ZR1. The Z06's rear brake and aero ducts are also being employed on this mule, though whether they'll carry over as-is remains to be seen.

The Z06's rear fascia aero package appears to be retained as well, although the camo on the decklid could point to revised body work. What is clearly not here is the Z06's rear lip spoiler, though other mules have reportedly been sighted with large rear wings--likely pointing to an available aero package, our spies have concluded.

The ZR1 should carry on the C6 model's legacy as a forced-induction monster. With the Z06 already pushing 650 horsepower, we expect the new ZR1 will be pushed well beyond that figure. Look for the final power output to challenge Dodge's Hellcat models for the title of Emperor of American Horsepower.