We get a fresh look at the G70's face and part of its interior.

Spies caught the new compact Genesis G70 testing in Death Valley this week (where the new K900 was also recently spotted), giving us a glimpse of both the new sport sedan's interior and some of its performance options.

We'll start inside. The new Genesis G70 is expected to compete with the likes of the BMW 3-Series and the Infiniti Q50, and the cabin looks the part. The leather visible on the wheel and seats is an obvious downgrade from what you'll find in the G80 and G90 sedans, but would be right at home in the aforementioned competition.

The layout is also more sport sedan than luxury tourer, which fits the G70's mission. The climate control knobs are a welcome sight, and the stack-mounted infotainment screen appears minimalist and well-integrated.

Sporting themes continue on the exterior, where Brembo brake calipers and a mesh grille point to this being an example equipped with a performance package of some sort. Since it rides on the same platform as the Kia GT Stinger, we expect it will share the latter's powertrain offerings. Since it's smaller and lighter, we also expect it will be a bit quicker engine-for-engine--an assumption which Hyundai's representatives have corroborated.

We expect the G70 to be unveiled in Los Angeles this fall, where performance specifications and estimates should be more forthcoming.

Photos by Brian Williams.