BMW's updated "Sports Activity Coupe" was spotted sans camouflage in South Carolina.

Several examples of the 2019 BMW X4 were spotted on a car carrier near BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina, facility this week, revealing the exterior details of the all-new "Sports Activity Coupe" well ahead of its intended debut. Despite the X4's relative newness, it's important to point out that this is expected to actually be an all-new car riding on BMW's new modular CLAR platform. CLAR is supposedly key to weight savings and electrification of future BMW models, and the X4 just happens to be the first in line for the new chassis.

One could be forgiven for not immediately spotting the telltales of the new X4's exterior design, but an examination of the front end gives it away immediately. Gone is the awkward lower bumper grille divider and the headlamps that collide with the signature BMW kidneys (which we always felt gave the X4 a bit of a cross-eyed appearance).

It could be a trick of the photography, but we also see what appears to be a slightly more X5-like look to the X4's profile, achieved with (oddly) a longer rear deck and a restyled rear quarter window which appears more SUV-like than coupe-like.

What we see here appears to be a mix of X4 M40i models and at least one lower-end trim. There are also at least two models still sporting their development camouflage. No detailed photos of those were included, however they appear to be duplicates of the undisguised trims we noted above. While an X4 M model is expected, there doesn't appear to be any sign of it here.

The new X4 is expected to be revealed later this year or early next, with production beginning in early 2018.

Photos by Chris Doane Automotive.