Ford's new midsize pickup was spotted in Colorado.

When Ford announced last year that the Ranger would return to America, speculation began in earnest as to the size, shape and overall approach the pickup would take. Well, here's our first look.

Ford's new midsize truck was spotted in Colorado, wearing what was essentially just skin-deep camouflage. Frankly, this prompts more questions than it answers, as what we're seeing is obviously just a ROW model with some vinyl wrap and what appears to be a hacked-up front bumper.

Under that is a body that is obviously catered to non-U.S. tastes. It's very car-like for a body-on-frame pickup, sporting cues that wouldn't be out of place on a Honda Ridgeline. Whether that has any bearing on the final design is anybody's guess at this point.

Since we have no idea what styling direction Ford will take with the new Ranger, we're hesitant to draw any conclusions from what is very likely a simple powertrain mule.

On that front, we're expecting the Ranger will boast a range of EcoBoost engine options, perhaps alongside a naturally-aspirated V6 and a small-displacement diesel. We'll share what we learn as we learn it.

Photos by Brian Williams.