The G-Class is back and ready to impress.

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 has been spied in the wild, and this time our spies managed to snap some excellent photos of the uncovered portions of its interior.

It's a design as timeless as that of the Porsche 911 or Jeep Wrangler, but an architecture that is even more... permanent? Until now, that is. Yes, the G-Class is going to be all-new for 2019, even if it's tough to tell at first glance.

The new truck will be bigger, more luxurious, and, if rumors hold true, more capable. We expect a fully updated range of powertrains under the extensively revamped sheet metal, along with a new interior.

That redesigned interior takes center stage in these shots, with the entire center stack and console lying exposed for our spies' cameras. We can see the stack gets a heavily revised design with rounded vents and an analog-style clock. The new car also loses the old knob-style HVAC controls in favor of a cleaner interface.

Up top, we see a new, more cleanly integrated infotainment screen alongside an analog-style gauge cluster. We expect top-level models will get the single-screen-style treatment found in the new E-Class et al. The passenger-side grab-handle (thankfully) remains.

Production of the leaner, meaner, more versatile 2019 G-Class lineup is expected to start later this year or early next. Stay tuned for all the latest.