A new Prius wagon is on the way.

Toyota's next-generation Prius v has been spotted undergoing shakedown testing at a rather unexpected location — Germany's Nurburgring.The Prius v is best know as a highly-efficient cargo hauler, but Toyota engineers were seen on Thursday flogging the wagon variant of the standard Prius hybrid around Germany's Nurburgring circuit. But fans of the comfortable-riding Prius v shouldn't fear a radical transformation is in the hybrid's future — judging by the body lean seen in some of our shots, the Prius v isn't suddenly becoming a hunkered-down track car.

What we can expect, however, is a bit more radical styling from the cargo-friendly Prius. Ditching the staid design of the last-generation car, the new Prius v should borrow the design language set out by the latest Prius that landed in early 2016. It should be noted, though, that the prototype seen here isn't wearing its production-intent bodywork. The nose of the car is Prius, but the rest appears to be borrowed from the Lexus NX.

Power is likely to come from a 1.8L four-cylinder paired to an electric motor. Net power could see a slight jump, and we're likely to see better fuel economy ratings better than today's car's 43/39mpg.

Look for the next Prius v to debut sometime next year as a 2019 model.