In late 2005, Leftlane uncovered a trademark for the name "Infiniti G37." Then came the Infiniti Coupe Concept in January 2006. A year later, Nissan released an official sketch of new G coupe. This week, the automaker officially confirmed the G37 would arrive in April. If all that isn't enough, the spies at KGP Photographer have just delivered the first image of a G37 prototype in testing.

The car was shot at sunrise, after being out for a nighttime test drive. A front view was impossible, but our spies did manage to catch the rear-corner view as it escaped back to the test track.

As previously reported, the G37 will feature a 3.7 liter powerplant "" slightly larger than the one featured in the G35 sedan. More importantly, it's worth noting that the engine is in fact a less powerful version of the high-output V6 that will propel the GT-R supercar. While the GT-R will feature twin turbos, the G37 will probably be naturally aspirated.

Nissan has done a good job of keeping the G37 under wraps, so we don't expect any further photos until the officially unveiling. The first images of the G37 will appear on Leftlane in just two weeks -- March 28th. The car will be on display in early April at the New York Auto Show.