This high-riding, electrified mule was caught testing in the arctic.

Spies caught what appears to be a high-riding, electrified Porsche "coupe" testing in the arctic this week. This mule has the requisite camo and is obviously far from a production model, but it does show off a few telltales.For starters, there are the proportions. This mule looks a lot like a Panamera at first glance, but it's not quite long or wide enough to be a variant of Porsche's luxury sedan.

And then there's the ride height, which is obviously not what we'd expect from Porsche's Mission-E sedan. Rumors have suggested for some time that Porsche was planning an electrified BMW X6 competitor, and this appears to be a strong signal that such a project is well underway.

The signage on the mule's flanks warns of high-voltage electrical components, meaning that the powertrain underneath is either a hybrid system (the exhaust finishers would support--not necessarily prove--this theory) or all-electric.

The spies who photographed the mule informed us that it did not exhibit any "normal" engine noise, but given their limited exposure to the car, that's not entirely conclusive either.

We expect to hear more about this program in the coming months.

Photos by Chris Doane Automotive.