The small quadruped demonstrates the latest advances in sensors and motion control systems.

Boston Dynamics has released a teaser video for its next-generation SpotMini, the latest in a series of quadruped robots that originated from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency projects.Now owned by Google parent Waymo, the company has continued to improve its robots with the latest sensor systems and significantly refined motion control.

Videos embedded below demonstrate how far the technology has advanced in the eight years since 'LittleDog' awkwardly climbed over a pile of rocks.

With four legs, the SpotMini can climb stairs and operate indoors or outside in complex terrain. The first-generation model was demonstrated with a dinosaur-like head and long neck, good for grabbing a beer out of the refrigerator or performing other simple assistance tasks.

Boston Dynamics has not yet explained the intended functions of the latest SpotMini. Boasting a seemingly production-ready body and flat back surface, it may be designed as a flexible platform to be paired with a wide range of additional gear.