Not even SRT's new Viper is safe from modifications at SEMA.

In what could be an early nod to an upcoming ACR model, Chrysler has unveiled a track-focused version of its all-new SRT Viper at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The "Moparized" SRT Viper currently sitting on the SEMA show floor is equipped with several "race-inspired" carbon fiber parts intended to give the car added rigidity without packing on the pounds.

Underhood the SEMA-bound Viper features a carbon fiber performance cross X-Brace which Chrysler says retains the strength of the standard factory part while cutting weight by 50 percent. The one-off Viper is also equipped with a carbon fiber and aluminum engine cover, although that piece is more for show than go.

In order to further improve performance, the bright yellow Viper is equipped with a carbon fiber aero package and an upgraded Mopar coil spring package. Just in case, the Viper also comes with a front tow hook.

Inside the Viper has been fitted with Sabelt hard-shell seats and six-point racing harnesses. Mopar billet aluminum accents are used throughout the cabin, and there is even a place to mount a video camera for track-day diehards.