The Cross Sport Design Concept is essentially a BRZ shooting brake with off-road prowess.

Subaru has introduced a new show car called Cross Sport Design Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Cross Sport Design Concept takes the form of a BRZ coupe with a shooting brake-like rear end, a minor lift kit and rugged-looking plastic trim on the rocker panels and the wheel arches. Embodying what Subaru believes is the next trend in the auto industry, the car provides a lively driving experience typically associated with a sports car without compromising comfort, space or off-road capacity.

The Cross Sport Design Concept boasts a premium interior with leather-upholstered sport seats, glossy black trim and a trunk that is noticeably bigger than the BRZ's. The coupe's four-seater configuration has been retained.

Technical details were not published but the car is likely powered by a BRZ-sourced 2.0-liter flat-four engine that sends 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft. of torque to all four wheels via a manual transmission and Subaru's famed all-wheel drive system.

Subaru has not indicated whether the Cross Sport Design Concept is merely a show car with no future, or if it will be added to the company's lineup as a regular-production model in the coming years.

Live images by Ben Hsu.