The 22-minute video explains the mountain-specific car build, which required driver Travis Pastrana to completely relearn the course.

Subaru has released a mini-documentary detailing the behind-the-scenes work that succeeded in setting a new record at the Mount Washington Hillclimb.

The automaker wanted to set a new record that will stand the test of time, rethinking the project from the ground up. Rather than making a few simple tweaks to a World Rally Championship car, Vermont SportsCar created a more powerful yet lighter purpose-built setup better suited to a mountain climb.

"Basically they have taken the rally motor out, put the [Global Rallycross] motor in, and then stripped the car of anything that weighs anything that isn't for safety," said driver Travis Pastrana.

Despite doubling engine output to 600 horsepower, the weight-reduction cuts went so far as to eliminate the co-driver. Teammates Pastrana and David Higgins tackled the mountain separately, each behind the wheel of the new car.

"Through corners of the first practice run, that excitement turned into a pretty even split between panic and fear," Higgins admitted.

Higgins crashed five miles into the 7.6-mile route. Though unhurt, he was dethroned king of the mountain when Pastrana slashed his record by more than 24 seconds.