The curvy concept likely serves as an early preview of the next-generation WRX and WRX STi.

Subaru has released a few teaser images for the Viziv Performance Concept, leaving the full reveal for the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Viziv Performance is billed as an embodiment of Subaru's vision for a car that continues to elevate safety without sacrificing a pleasurable experience for the driver.

"With the installation of advanced driver-assist technology, with EyeSight at its core, in anticipation of the future popularization of self-driving vehicles, in a sports sedan body that will encourage the active enjoyment of driving, it offers a worldview of driving with Enjoyment and Peace of mind that is typical of Subaru," the company says.

The darkened front view reveals the latest interpretation of Subaru's Dynamic x Solid design language. The grille, color scheme and C-shape headlights do not stray far from the Viziv 7 SUV Concept that debuted last year in Los Angeles.

Consistent with the SUV styling, the Viziv Performance sedan concept introduces curvaceous body topography flowing from the front to rear fenders. The rear quarter view evokes the BRZ, suggesting the next WRX and WRX STi could shift to a sleek coupe-like profile without meddling with the current generation's front end proportions.

Full details will be disclosed late next month for the Tokyo show, where the Viziv Performance Concept will be on display alongside the WRX STi-based S208 and BRZ STi Sport.