Saab's 109-vehicle museum collection is now under the authority of the Swedish Enforcement Office.

Saab may have secured protection from its creditors, but the Swedish automaker apparently isn't safe from the Swedish Enforcement Office. The SEO seized control of Saab's automobile museum on Tuesday, along with a few other Saab items.

The SEO seized Saab's museum as a part of the collection process started against the automaker earlier this month. The museum contains 109 vehicles, including the first Saab ever built.

In addition to the vehicles, the SEO has also taken control of 13 exhibits, 22 engines and six workshop tools.

The SEO was forced to start the collection process against Saab after it failed to pay its suppliers in a timely fashion. Saab reportedly owes its suppliers more than $31 million.

The SEO was likely going to sell off the collection to pay suppliers, but that plan was put on hold when Saab was granted protection from creditors earlier this week. Everything remains in the museum, but Saab no longer has access to it.

The museum's future is far from safe, though, as the SEO could still sell its contents if Saab doesn't successfully complete its reorganization.


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