The TagAZ Aquila costs just $13,300.

A small Russian company called TagAZ has finally revealed a full set of details about the 2013 Aquila, the world's first low-cost four-door coupe.

In spite of its aggressive stance and its sleek body, the Aquila's biggest selling point is that it carries a base price of 400,000 Russian rubles, a figure that converts to roughly $13,300. This puts the four-seater in the same price bracket as the no-frills Dacia Logan and certain infamous members of the Lada lineup.

For that price, buyers get ABS brakes, air conditioning, heated mirrors, a radio and an unspecified number of airbags. The photos of the car show bucket seats and alloy wheels but both features are found on the options list.

Under the Aquila's hood lies a 1.6-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine that sends 107 horsepower to the car's front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission.

A more expensive version of the car equipped with a larger engine that makes 150 horsepower and an automatic transmission is said to be in the works but TagAZ has not indicated when it will be available.

The Aquila is expected to land in showrooms across Russia in the next couple of weeks. At the time of writing, TagAZ does not plan on selling the car outside of its home country.