This Tato Nano is covered in more than 200 pounds of gold, silver and other previous substances.

Goldplus, a company that owns a large chain of jewelry stores in India, has revealed to the world a Tata Nano covered in roughly $4.5 million in gold, among other extremely valuable substances, for publicity's sake. The car's design is the end result of a contest announced late last year.

We here at Leftlane are not going to point out the obvious irony of covering the world's least expensive car in a thick layer of some of the world's most costly objects. We're simply here to report the facts: what you see here is a Tata Nano embellished with 176 pounds of 22 karat gold, 33 pounds of silver and an assortment of precious and semi-precious stones including rubies, pearls, emeralds, and black beads of the variety worn by Hindu brides in a necklace.

Apparently, Goldplus has a history of similar stunts, with the world's largest bangle (made with over 55 pounds of gold) also under its belt.

The company will likely offer the world's most opulent Nano for sale following the vehicle's six month tour of India, so interested parties should start saving their bottle caps today.