In response to a recent Oklahoma tax credit aimed at increasing the number of vehicles that run on compressed natural gas, Honda says that its limited availability CNG-fueled Civic GX will go on sale soon in the Southwestern state.

Although the Civic GX is hardly a volume player for Honda, the opening up of a fourth market for the vehicle should expand its popularity. Honda has 13 dealers in Oklahoma, three of which had already been selling Civic GXs to fleet buyers. Now, the Civic GX will be available to any retail buyer in California, New York, Utah and Oklahoma.

This announcement proves our CNG credits are working. Given our current budget shortfall, we are undertaking a review of all tax credits in our state. While it is imperative that we target ineffective credits for possible elimination, it is also critical we highlight credits that are serving as an economic incentive in our state," said Oklahoma House Speaker Chris Benge, a Republican from Tulsa.

The credit was introduced last year and provides a 50 percent tax credit for clean-burning motor vehicles. In addition to federal tax credits, Oklahoma Civic GX buyers will see a savings of roughly $7,500

Honda says it chose to distribute the Civic GX in Oklahoma in part because of the state's consumer-friendly tax credit and also because of the state's aggressive plans to expand its existing CNG fueling station network over the next few years.

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