Tesla still aiming to begin Model Y production in 2019?

Tesla still aiming to begin Model Y production in 2019?

by Justin King

The company is said to be seeking preliminary bids for supplier contracts.

Tesla is reportedly moving forward with plans start manufacturing the Model Y late next year.

Despite problems ramping up the highly automated Model 3 assembly line, the company is seeking preliminary bids for supplier contracts with a tentative start date of November 2019 for the Model Y crossover, according to Reuters' sources.

The most recent quarterly report points to a Model 3 output target of 5,000 units per week by the end of the second quarter.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk early last year suggested the Model 3 and Y would likely achieve combined sales beyond a million units annually. He also claimed the crossover would bring a "step change" in manufacturing and electronic systems integration.

Initial plans involved tight platform sharing between the Model 3 and its higher-riding sibling. The company later decided that the Model Y might require an entirely different platform architecture, but Musk changed his mind once again by August 2017 as fellow executives convincingly argued that platform sharing would help bring the Y to market faster.

"Model Y will have relatively low technical and product risk as a result," he promised at the time.

The late-2019 target was initially presented as an 'aspirational' goal with actual production expected to begin sometime in 2020.