Tesla Autopilot V9 will add first 'full self-driving features'

by Justin King
Tesla Autopilot V9 will add first 'full self-driving features'

The over-the-air software update is expected to begin rolling out in August.

Tesla is finally ready to begin rolling out "full self-driving features" for Autopilot.

The company currently sells two different Autopilot upgrade packages. 'Enhanced Autopilot' is billed as a driver's assistance suite with highway autosteer, adaptive cruise control, self-park and other basic features, some of which are not yet enabled.

'Full self-driving capability' is a $4,000 upgrade that is designed to eventually support short and long-distance trips with no action required by the human driver. It will be capable of managing complex intersections with traffic lights, stop signs, roundabouts and high traffic density.

"It is not possible to know exactly when each element of the functionality ... will be available, as this is highly dependent on local regulatory approval," Tesla warns on its vehicle ordering page.

Musk has not elaborated on which specific features will be arriving in the August over-the-air update.