Tesla building 'thousands' of new Supercharger locations

by Justin King
Tesla building 'thousands' of new Supercharger locations

The company is preparing for a surge in Supercharger use once Model 3 production finally ramps up.

Tesla is apparently orchestrating a massive Supercharger buildout plan as Model 3 output volume slowly increases.

"There are thousands of Supercharger locations going through permitting/construction," CEO Elon Musk mentioned on Twitter. "Will publish an updated map in the next few days."

Tesla has already stepped away from offering free Supercharger access for life, encouraging owners to use home chargers as a primary connection and only use official Supercharger stations when making long drives.

Addressing congestion at particular sites, the company also introduced parking fees for cars that are left long after the vehicle is done charging.

With a production volume target of 500,000 annually for the Model 3, some existing locations will presumably face even greater congestion than with the limited number of Model S and X vehicles currently on the road.

Tesla is also exploring Supercharger rest areas, adding coffee shops and restaurants on-site.