The 75D will become the new entry-level Model S.

Tesla has quietly announced plans to drop the 60 and 60D variants of the Model S in the coming weeks.

The two entry-level models were launched last year, presumably to take advantage of the hype surrounding the smaller Model 3. Most reservation holders were told they wouldn't get their car until 2018 at the earliest, so the 60 and 60D variants were envisioned as a more affordable way to get into a Tesla product without the long wait.

The plan hasn't worked, according to company officials. A short press release explains interest in the base S has been low at best, and most customers go straight to one of the 75-kWh models. The 60 and 60D will consequently be axed on April 17.

The 60 and 60D offer 219 and 225 miles of range, respectively. The 75 and 75D models that will soon become the new entry-level S variants boast 265 and 275 miles of range, respectively. However, the 75 starts at $77,800, a $6,500 increase over the 60.

Current 60 and 60D owners who need more range won't need to order a new car. The 60 and 75 models use essentially the same battery pack, and Tesla can unlock the extra capacity by sending out an over-the-air software update.

Photo by Ronan Glon.