Tesla has opened two new "Supercharger" stations on the East Coast.

Tesla has expanded its "Supercharger" fast-charging network to the East Coast with a pair of new stations in Milford, Connecticut and Wilmington, Delaware.

Similar in concept to the stations Tesla unveiled in California back in September, the new locations are capable of providing a Tesla Model S - the only car compatible with the charging system - with 150 miles of range in just half an hour.

That's enough to allow the electric sedan to travel the 443 miles between Boston and Washington, D.C. with just an hour of charging time - assuming that there are no non-electric cars parked in the spots next to the charger. Since the stations are located at public rest stops, any vehicle is technically free to park next to the charging system, creating the possibility of extra waiting time for Model S owners looking to charge up.

The new East Coast "Superchargers" represent Tesla's next step towards achieving its goal of establishing 100 charging stations throughout the U.S. by 2015. The automaker hopes that all the stations will one day run off of solar power.