Tesla expects sales of its Model S sedan to give a healthy boost to revenue.

Following a poor end to 2011, electric vehicle maker Tesla expects revenue to grow during 2012, particularly during the second-half of the year. Tesla posted an $81.5 million loss for the last quarter of 2011.

Tesla might not have a lot of momentum to carry into 2012, but the Palo Alto-based automaker expects revenue to grow to $600 million that year. That would be a near-300 percent improvement over Tesla's 2011 results.

Moreover, Tesla expects to generate 90 percent of that revenue during the second-half of 2012. Sales of the Model S sedan will be the driving factor of that revenue gain.

"The bulk of 2012 revenue is Model S-related," Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg. Tesla has already taken 8,000 orders for the Model S and 2013 sales of the electric sedan are expected to total 20,000 units.

Tesla' new Model X crossover should also help the company's bottom line. The Model X won't officially hit the market until 2013, but Tesla has already taken $40 million worth of advanced orders for the zero-emissions CUV.

"This is by far the best-selling car in Tesla history, by a significant margin," Musk said.