Canada's supermarket giant is going all-electric.

Canadian food retailer Loblaw has ordered 25 examples of the Tesla semi, according to a recent report. The supermarket giant joins Walmart in manifesting an early interest in the all-electric truck.

"It's part of our commitment to electrify our fleet," spokeswoman Catherine Thomas told the Financial Post in an interview.

It sounds like the term "electrify" means "going all-electric" in this case. The company believes a diesel-free future could prevent over 94,000 tons of carbon dioxide from getting released into the atmosphere, which is like removing 20,000 cars from the road. Achieving this goal will require buying 350 zero-emissions vehicles and 2,500 emissions-free refrigerated trailers before the year 2030.

Tesla unveiled its first-ever semi truck (pictured) Thursday night during an event held in California, but it didn't specify how much the model will cost. All we know at this point is that reserving the semi costs $5,000 and deliveries are tentatively scheduled to begin in 2019. Of course, we've learned to take Tesla's estimated delivery dates with a tractor trailer-sized grain of salt.

As of writing, Loblaw is Tesla's truck-building division's biggest customer. The other relatively large order received since the unveiling came from Walmart, who pre-ordered 15 trucks.