Tesla investigates Model 3 braking inconsistencies

by Justin King
Tesla investigates Model 3 braking inconsistencies

"Even if a physical upgrade is needed to existing fleet, we will make sure all Model 3’s having amazing braking ability at no expense to customers," promises Elon Musk.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken a less combative tone in response to reports that some Model 3 sedans are experiencing surprisingly long stopping distances.

The company is apparently investigating the matter after Consumer Reports declined to recommend the Model 3, finding that its stopping distance from 60 mph could be several feet longer than a full-size F-150 pickup.

"Very strange. Model 3 is designed to have super good stopping distance & others reviewers have confirmed this," Musk wrote on Twitter. "If there is vehicle variability, we will figure it out & address. May just be a question of firmware tuning, in which case can be solved by an OTA software update."

The executive suggests Tesla engineers have already determined that stopping distance can be improved via a firmware update to the ABS calibration algorithm. To be clear, however, the company also says it is willing to issue a hardware fix if necessary.

The first firmware update will be rolling out in a few days. Tesla will also ask Consumer Reports to test a current-production car that has improved ride comfort, lower wind noise and other improvements.