Tesla could be broke by next year.

Just days after former General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz predicted that Tesla wouldn't make it to 2019, a new report has revealed the electric automaker is on pace to run out of cash by mid-2018.

Bloomberg recently crunched the data on Tesla's cash burn, finding that the company is mowing through about $8,000 a minute. That means Tesla burns through more than $11.5 million every day. Given that pace, Tesla will run out of money on Aug 6, 2018.

Although that high rate of burn is unlikely to continue unabated, it's clear that Tesla will have to raise more cash at some point. The company is already generating some cash by taking pre-orders for future vehicles; Tesla has begun taking $250,000 down payments for its Founders Series Roadster, even though the vehicle won't launch until 2019 at the earliest. Tesla is capping production of the Founders Series Roadster at 1,000 units, meaning the special edition model could net the company $250 million in pre-orders. Tesla is also taking $50,000 down payments for the standard Roadster and $5,000 deposits for its new semi truck.

Even with that incoming cash, some analysts believe Tesla will have to raise $2 billion in new capital by mid-2018 to keep the lights on. So far Tesla has not had any trouble raising cash — just a few months ago the company raised $1.8 billion — but it remains to be seen how long the company will be able to rely on that strategy without making money from its business operations.

"So long as the company is burning cash, it will remain dependent on the patience and enthusiasm of public markets or the deep pockets of a white knight," Christian Hoffmann, a money manager at Thornburg Investment Management, told Bloomberg.