Tesla Model 3 sets 606-mile range record, then dies

After completing the continuous 32-hour run, the Model 3 would not take a charge and had to be towed away.

The Tesla Model 3's hypermiling range record has been raised to 606 miles.

A team of Coloradoans recently took a Model 3 to a closed loop near the Denver International Airport, driving at a low speed of 20-30 mph with negligible elevation change to maximize the sedan's range.

The 606-mile achievement appears to be a new record for the Model 3 but falls slightly short of a Model S record.

After spending 32 hours on the test track and driving the car until it stopped, the pair encountered some unexpected difficulty trying to recharge the battery. The vehicle did not accept a charge when connected to a Supercharger overnight, requiring a tow to the nearest service center.