Tesla Model 3 performs 'miraculously' in high-speed crash

The Model 3 was reportedly struck by a Chevy Camaro that had been racing a BMW M4 near Seattle.

A Tesla Model 3 owner has praised the car's 'miraculous' crash performance after his family walked away from a high-speed crash on Interstate 90 near Seattle.

The Model 3 was going 65 mph when it was rear-ended by another vehicle "going significantly faster." The EV lost control, hit a highway divider, slid across all four lanes and struck the opposite wall before coming to a stop, according to the owner's post on Tesla Motors Club.

"Thankfully the model 3 performed miraculously, crumple zones compressed, airbags deployed, no fire after the accident, and no one in my family seems to be seriously injured," the owner wrote.

A separate witness account alleges the crash was caused by a Chevrolet Camaro SS that had been racing a BMW M4 and failed to brake in time before hitting the Model 3.