The company previously promised the Model 3 top trim will be able to drive for more than 300 miles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shed more light on the upcoming Model 3's largest battery size.

The executive recently claimed there are no plans to offer the Model X, S or 3 with a battery "above 100-kWh." Some Twitter users perceived the post as a hint at a 100-kWh battery for the Model 3, but Musk later clarified that its "wheelbase can't fit 100."

The company has promised the Model 3's largest battery will be capable of pushing the car beyond 300 miles. The Model S 90D has an EPA rating of 294 miles, suggesting a smaller sedan could surpass 300 miles with the same battery capacity.

Sparring with an analyst last year, Tesla's VP of investor relations, Jeff Evanson, claimed that the Model 3 will require less than a 60-kWh battery to achieve its 215-mile range target.

It is unclear if the Model 3 will share some of its battery capacities with the Model S and X, which could simplify its production processes, or if the shorter wheelbase requires a special battery pack built solely for the smallest vehicle in Tesla's lineup.

Looking further down the road, Musk confirmed that Tesla's planned semi will necessarily have more than 100-kWh and its pickup "maybe will go above."