A Dutch limousine builder will make the world's first electric shooting brake.

A Dutch company is looking to build the world's first all-electric shooting brake, based off of a Tesla Model S.

RemetzCar, based in Schiphol, Amsterdam, describes its specialty as stretching cars into limousines. Among the conversions on its website are stretched a Audi A8, Range Rover, and even Fiat 500. They do have some experience in modifying Teslas, however, as a Model S-based hearse is also among its offerings.

According to RemetzCar the firm was approached by Floris de Raadt, a Dutch car collector with a proclivity towards shooting brakes. A concept sketch shows a Tesla Model S with an extended roofline that angles back towards the body that may indicate some sort of rear spoiler. The side greenhouse has been extended as well, forming a trapezoidal shape at the rear with a more upright pillar.

According to Remetz, a total of 20 will be built. All will have "bespoke interiors and various exclusive options available upon request." The first one, which will go to de Raadt, is in production and is expected to be revealed in March 2018.