Tesla Model S crashes into police car; driver blames Autopilot

Police say the accident happened in an area where a Tesla collided with a semi truck last year.

A Tesla Model S has been involved in another alleged Autopilot accident, smashing into the back of a parked police SUV in Laguna Beach, California.

The police car was empty at the time but the Tesla driver suffered minor injuries, according to a San Diego Union-Tribune report.

"The police car is totaled," said Laguna Police Sgt. Jim Cota. "Why do these vehicles keep doing that? We're just lucky that people aren't getting injured."

Tesla has repeatedly warned drivers to pay attention to the road and keep their hands on the wheel when Autopilot is engaged.

"Tesla has always been clear that Autopilot doesn't make the car impervious to all accidents, and before a driver can use Autopilot, they must accept a dialogue box which states that 'Autopilot is designed for use on highways that have a center divider and clear lane markings," the company said in a statement.