Customers who have already ordered a Model S will be able to avoid the increase.

Tesla Motors has announced that it will raise the Model S' base price by $2,500 in the United States and $2,600CAD in Canada. This marks the first time that Tesla has increased the award-winning sedan's price since unveiling it in March of 2009.

The updated window stickers will start to appear on January 1st, 2013, giving potential buyers roughly a month to benefit from the current base price $57,400 before tax incentives are factored in.

Customers who have already ordered a Model S will not be affected by the increase if they configure and finalize their order within what Tesla refers to as a "fair, predetermined time frame."

To make sure that no current client is left behind, Tesla is giving those who have deferred their reservation the chance to pay the current price if they send in their order before the deadline.

When the California-based automaker announced its intention to nudge up the S' price, it also mentioned that it was planning on making modifications to the car's option packages. Details about those changes were not released.

Tesla sees the increase in price as a confirmation that its business model is effective.

"We believe it is a positive reflection on our design process and disciplined, long-term planning that enabled us to increase prices for the first time in four years at only half the rate of inflation," said George Blankenship, vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience.